I had four beautiful births: With each birth, my heart expanded in ways that I didn’t know was possible before those babies came through me, and I grew to know myself, what I want, and my real level of power in ways that were unimaginable to me when I was childless. The births of my children were key to my transformation, and I want to support more of us women in having positive birth experiences. We can claim our power as women by exercising more choice in birth and parenting.  When we take an active role in our births, we may improve outcomes, and this may help us to begin our lives as parents with a feeling of empowered responsibility for ourselves and children that ripples forward in our lives.  For this reason, I determined as a new mom to put my energies towards supporting women in childbirth. I began this journey with doula training and certification, continued it with Dancing For Birth™ training and certification, and expect to continually add more ways in which I can support women as the right opportunities arise.

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