Childbirth Doulas Support New Parents and Improve Birth Outcomes

If you’re visiting this site, you want to enter the experience of growing your family prepared with information and loving support so that you can bring your best self to parenting your new baby. As a childbirth doula, I offer vital information, guidance in answering your questions, and a caring touch that will help you in achieving your birth and parenting goals. Childbirth doulas like me support moms and their partners during the birth process. I am available before, during, and after birth to provide assistance not offered by your medical staff. The consistent, calm and knowledgeable reassurance of someone who has experienced birth four times herself, and has observed it many more times, can make a tremendous difference in reducing stress and fear around labor and birth. Studies show the presence of a childbirth doula reduces interventions and improves outcomes in births.

If you are interested in learning more about doulas, watching a doula video, and the particular services Moving to Motherhood provides, please go to my Childbirth Doula Services page.

Dancing—Prenatally and During Labor!

Women who move during the birth process are more comfortable during birth, feel more in charge of their births, have fewer interventions, and feel better about their births afterward, based on my experience and observation. So, assuming there’s no reason not to, up off those hospital beds, and start shaking those hips! Babies like to be rocked, from the very beginning! In Moving to Motherhood classes, we will dance, stretch, meditate, and learn how movement affects the physiology of labor. For more information, see my Prenatal Dance and Arts Page.

Childbirth Education

Contact me to discuss private childbirth education classes in your home, on your schedule, tailored to your specific place of birth, issues and interests. We will talk about the physiology of birth, decision making before and during birth, relaxation techniques and other pain management approaches, and any other questions you may have.