Annie’s Second Birth

The birth of my second son was really fast and really intense. I am so glad that Adelaine was there with me! Her demeanor was calm and perfectly comforting, and her eyes sparkled and danced through each contraction. I felt that I was in the presence of a true friend, someone I could trust in my time of vulnerability. Adelaine Fox was my angel, heaven-sent.

Adelaine was warm and perfectly accepting of what I needed to do to bring that child into the world. We slow danced through contractions; she rubbed and moved my hips as I leaned over a birthing ball; best of all, she pressed my hips from both sides through much of labor. She was tireless, constant, gentle and strong.

Adelaine has wonderful intuition, knowing when and how to help and when to give a birthing mother some space. At one point in the midst of the long process of pushing (2 hours out of my 4 hour labor) she sensed that I needed extra emotional assistance. She was able to help me talk about some serious fears, and very soon thereafter my beautiful son was born.

As I worked through the stages of afterbirth, at a point when I couldn’t hold him myself, Adelaine was careful to hold my son close to me so that we could see one another and not be separated. I knew that he was in good hands. Adelaine Fox is a woman that I instinctively trust, and she has proven to deserve that trust in every way.


Ava’s First Birth

Adelaine was a wonderful doula. As this was our first baby, my husband and I wanted to have someone who knew a lot about the birthing process and would make us feel at ease. At the hospital, Adelaine was there every step of the way, helping us through the decision making process and explaining things along the way. I felt very confident in her knowledge-she always knew what to do, wasn’t afraid to speak up for our choices and I felt very safe with her. Just having her hold my hand through contractions and give me “Labor Aid” made the birth more manageable. I really don’t think I could have done it without her. I mainly picked Adelaine as our doula because she reminded me of my older sister—strong, caring, and positive. I knew those were the qualities that I wanted in the person who would guide me through such a challenging and rewarding experience.

Adelaine was also supportive before and after the birth. We met with her on several occasions before giving birth, discussing our birthing plan, fears, concerns, and questions. She provided us with reading materials, dvds, and websites. Her insight was invaluable. I could also call or email her at any time. She was always available when I needed to ask a question or voice a concern. Furthermore, after the birth, she came and visited again, giving us tips on breastfeeding and general care. You can’t ask for better guidance. Adelaine truly was a total gift, from beginning to end. We are still in touch today, and I plan on staying in touch with her as she played such a critical part in the birth of our child. Thank you Adelaine!


Debbie’s First Birth

I highly recommend Adelaine Fox as a doula. Adelaine is a very knowledgeable and an effective doula. Adelaine helped me the most during labor; she has a magic touch that is soft and soothing when needed, and firm and strong when needed (i.e., as counter-pressure to relieve the pain from contractions).  Adelaine helped me manage the pain during labor, offered solutions that made my labor more efficient, and offered solutions that I would have never known to do! I had a wonderful birthing experience and a great portion of this is because Adelaine was part of my birthing team.